Begging in Dover


“On Wednesday last as Matthew KENNETT Esq. Mayor and G. STRINGER Esq. his deputy were going up Biggin Street they were surprised at the boldness and audacity of two mendicants whom they saw not only announcing their arrival by knocking and ringing at the doors but absolutely obtruding on almost every person who passed them. The Mayor, Mr S. with the most praiseworthy promptness immediately procured two Peace Officers who conveyed the worthless rascals to the Treadmill. By the way it is a constant remark that Dover is the general resort for all rogues and vagabonds in this part of Kent and why? because no means are used to prevent their entrance. If a few such examples were made as the one in question Dover would be as free of mendicants as any other town. A great relief would also be afforded to the Parish Officers, who are constantly pestered by this class of people demanding assistance, which if not granted, are so abusive that it is necessary at times to obtain Peace Officers to curb their insolence.
(Kentish Gazette 24 Feb 1829 back page col.4.)