ODDFELLOWS – Annual Festival of the Loyal and Independent Lodge of Oddfellows, Royal Oak Inn, Dover
The brethren of the above Order are hereby informed that the Annual Festival of this Lodge will be celebrated on Tuesday next, the 6th instant, at Brother Mecrow’s at the Royal Oak, on which occasion the company of any Brothers of Regularly-Established Lodges will be esteemed a favour.
The brethren are particularly informed that, on the above occasion, a great variety of delicious and appropriate dishes will be served up, of which the following are a few specimens –
A fine young crocodile from the River Nile, stuffed with pork sausages and strawberry sauce;
Several roasted codfish, with pruant sauce;
A round of Beef, roasted, stuffed with sweetmeats;
23 Brace of Partridges, boiled, with shrimp sauce;
11 couple and a half of Stew’d Capons, and Lobster sauce;
A fat pig stuff’d with Plumb-Pudding, and Gooseberry Sauce;
Five Boil’d Hares, stuffed with onions
Two Sprat Pies –
Three Fig Puddings –
Several Pine-Apple Tarts
With a suitable Desert (sic) and many other dishes too numerous to mention.
Dinner on table at half past Seven o’clock.
10 February 1802. C.W.G. Secretary
(Kentish Gazette February 12 1802 p.1 col.2)