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The Great Tower

“ Sun 31 Dec 1797 During the years 1795, 1796 and 1797 there has been great repair of the outer walls, alterations within and many additional works making for the defence of Dover Castle – In the year 1795 the New Road was begun and continued making and compleating ever since and is now nearly finished – In 1796 the New Entrance across the ditch through Monks Battery into the Castle was begun and finished this year 1797 with the Barracks within side – the year 1796 most of the new sally ports at the back of the Castle were constructed – this year 1797 the new subterraneous bomb-proofs which open in the Cliff next the Sea over the Moat Battery were dug and formed for Barracks of the Soldiers. – and in the year 1798 three more subterraneous Barracks for the officers were dug and formed a little beyond the former ones – with a Well between the two sets of Barracks for their use and proper communications from one to the other.

16 Aug 1798 Mr Beck and I walked up into the Northfall meadow – saw the earth works now making at that side the Castle – saw the town of Calais through the spy glass very distinctly.

Sat 18 Aug 1798 Self, Mr and Mrs Beck with Mr Dawson who accompanied us and showed us the works and batteries at the Castle, went in the subterraneous works made in the cliff next the sea there, for the Private men, were finished and inhabited by the Sussex militia, the others beyond for the Officers were not yet completed: the Bricklayers were at work lining the place with brick and at work also at the Well and Tank between the two.

Sun 24 Nov 1798 This week the militia workmen from the Castle began to make the ropewalk level and even, with the chalk thrown down from the cliff, and then laying beach upon it near the Gardeners Bathing House – the Carpenters also this week put a new wood rail fence round the Battery instead of the old pallisadoes.„

Tomas Pattenden (E.Kent Archives)

Ray Warner ariel shot of Dover Castle and town

Ray Warner ariel shot of Dover Castle and town

Snow – Constable’s Tower at Dover Castle