Dover Goal

Dover Goal – Plan dated 1818 for a new Goal in Dover

Dover Goal – Plan dated 1818 for a new Goal in Dover

Dover “New Gaol” – foundation stone was laid on 8 Sept 1820 by Sir Thomas MANTELL, Mayor of Dover

Prisoners in Dover Gaol: agreements by Local Justices re conditions:
(see Canterbury Archives records U155):
Include: agreement 20 Mar 1858, Canterbury Justices, refers to Act of Parliament 5th year of Geo 4th for building and enlarging certain gaols and information on state of gaols, 1/6d a day yearly contract. Paid by City of Canterbury to Treasurer of County of Kent for use to support such prisoners, payments made quarterly. Signed by James Beckford WILDMAN and Wm DELMAR JP, also Mayor of Canterbury; witness Vincent FENN, Governor of St Augustines prison.

Include: agreement dated 24 Sept 1872 The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Dover and same of Canterbury – for maintenance of female prisoners in the prison of the Borough of Dover; Conditions – 1/6d a day for maintenance of each, and costs for taking to assizes etc. If death, then costs to be paid for removal; or, if, insane, allowance on discharge (together with 3rd class railfare) (sgd and sealed) by Richd DICKESON Mayor. (ref: U155/4)

There are other agreements under this reference for other dates. .