KG 27 Nov 1821  p.1 col.2  half down:
GYNGELL at Dover and Sandwich Fairs     Unprecedented Novelties !
Four years have elapsed since Mr GYNGELL had the honour to exhibit his unrivalled performances in this County.  The unbounded applause which the most numerous enlightened, and respectable audiences, comferred on his unique, interesting, and astonishing display, has induced him again to appear before them not doubting but his novel entertainments will be found highly gratifying to his old friends and steady patrons.
Mr GYNGELL purposes to exhibit at Dover and Sandwich during the Fairs and subsequently at Canterbury, Ramsgate, Margate and the Isle of Thanet
Arrangements will be made at each place to have the apartments well aired by keeping constant fires.
Mr GYNGELL Snr will open the performance with his unequalled Mathematical Philosophical and Uncommon  EXPERIMENTS
In which he will introduce several NEW PIECES OF MECHANISM
Particularly the Turkish Pillar,  the Fortelling Dice House, and numerous others
The last improvement in Optics, called the ERGASCOPIA,  OR  DANCE  OF WITCHES
Which from one figure will increase and produce innumerable objects, apparently floating in the air, assuming various forms;  performing evolutions inconceivably strange and fanciful;
Forming altogether one of those objects wholly indescribable, but which must ever delight the ocular sense.
Minute de la Cour and the Gavotte by Master H. GYNGELL and Miss L. GYNGELL.
Mr GYNGELL will perform on that unrivalled instrument for sweetness and brilliancy of tone, the Musical Glasses, which of all harmony is indisputably the most exquisite.
The Automaton Rope Walker, a figure representing a child 4 years old, whose comic grimaces, and innumerable evolutions on the tightrope, render him universally the object of admiration.
Mr GYNGELL Junior will introduce his wonderful performance on the SLACK WIRE, which must be considered the very Acme of that ingenious and graceful exercise !
Assailed on all sides by some who pretend to, and others who possess, merit and all laying claim to pre-eminence, this distinguished Performer eager to try his claim to public favour offers a challenge for 1,000 guineas !!  To all competitors whether foreigners or natives, for balancing and performance on the slack wire;  which he surely would not hazard, were he not sure of having arrived on the very summit of perfection in those elegant and Herculean arts.
Clown to the performance, with a comic song, Mr PERRY.
Gymnastic exercises, by Mr GYNGELL junior, the English Equilibrist.
Assisting and balancing in a most astonishing manner, a real egg on the end of common wheat straw (the egg to be examined by the company and broken afterwards to their satisfaction)  likewise the swords, plates, knives, forks, dollars edge to edge, a peacock’s feather on various parts of his body, etc.,  wonderfully contrasted by balancing a heavy iron-tyred coach wheel !     Likewise the astonishing balance of ascending a flight of steps with a pyramid of glasses filled with liquor.    In addition to which a most singular and difficult balance with a common sheet of writing paper.
Pit 2,  gallery 1s, – no half price.