Henrietta Maria

  Royal Visits

picture of Henrietta Maria from History of England by Blackie, 1867)

Maria Henrietta landing at Dover
Sir, the following account of the arrival at Dover from Boulogne of the lovely Queen of the unfortunate Charles I, is copied from an interesting and scarce little volume entitled Finetti Philoxen is published by James Howell in 1656 from the manuscript of Sir John Finett, Kt, the friend of Howell, and deputy master of the Royal Ceremonies: On this eventful occasion great preparations were made in Dover for rejoicing. The streets put in good repair, the Bench and the King’s Arms thereon newly decorated workmen employed 10 days in constructing a temporary bridge or platform for the Queen Debarcation and one of the Corporate Body dispatched to London to provide two massive cups of silver gilt to present to their Majesties. It will be perceived that there is a decided error in Howell copy of Finnett manuscript both as to the month and day of the Queen landing, May being printed for June and Monday for Sunday.The queen landed at Dover on Trinity Sunday June 12 1625. (from Dover Telegraph 5 Jan 1839 back page col.1 near top)
Antiquarian scraps no.3. (writer signs himself BP) To the editor of Dov Tel:
(then quotes from the book) the Queen was madame Maria Henrietta 2nd daughter of Henry IV King of France. (There were 32 coaches sent down to serve her Majesty and the Duke de Clevereuxe (ambassador)
The King was awaiting news of her arrival, in Canterbury, and there is a reference to her using a moveable bridge (took 10 days to build) to come ashore, she was obviously seasick on the crossing, was carried ashore in a litter, after being presented to the Mayor went by coach to the castle where the next day. She met the King and they went to Canterbury together and dined at Canterbury after being met on Barham Downs by local gentry.)