Men who served in the First World War

  World War 1

A few DOVER MEN who served in the First World War

During the years 1914 to 1918, photographs of many of the local men serving were pictured in the Dover Express as well as in other local newspapers.

This list covers only a small percentage of those mentioned, mostly from 1916.

ARMAN, S. (Bombadier RFA ) (PHOTO of him) – who is shortly proceeding abroad; the eldest son of Mr and Mrs ARMAN of 47 Eaton Road, Dover (Dover Express 9.3.1916 p.3)

ASHFIELD, F. (Private, R.A.M.C.) (PHOTO of him) ‘somewhere in France’, son of Mr and Mrs ASHFIELD of 2 Albany Place, Dover (Dover Express 28.1.1916 p.8)

ASHLING, A. (Trooper) (PHOTO of him), Royal E.Kent Yeomanry. Only son of Mr ASHLING (late Warrant Office, now foreman at the A.O.C.) and of Mrs Ashling, of 25 Longfield Rd, Dover (Dover Express 24.3.1916 p.6)

BABBAGE, W (Private) (PHOTO of him) of the RAMC who has been serving “somewhere in France” and now serving at Salonica. He joined the army at the outbreak of the war. He is the grandson of Mrs BABBAGE of 4 Stanhope Rd, Barton Road, Dover (Dover Express 18.2.1916 p.3)

BARTLEY, G.H.,(Pioneer), R.E. (PHOTO of him)

Mrs BARTLEY is living at 4a Hildawell Place, George Street, Dover (Dover Express 14.1.1916 p.8)


Gunner S. BARTROP, Heavy Battery RGA;

Sgt F.G.BARTROP, Siege Battery RGA, late of 46th Co. The Castle, Dover

Gunner C. BARTROP, Heavy Battery RGA. All sons of Mrs BARTROP of Hornsey, all serving abroad (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p.8)

BATTERSBY, Col-Sgt-Major A., (PHOTO of him) Son in law of the late Mr G. JOHNSON and Mrs JONES of 60 Manor Road, Maxton; also Bombadier A. JOHNSON, RFA (PHOTO of him) also (Pte) G. JOHNSON (PHOTO of him), sons of above Mr G.JOHNSON and Mrs JONES + details (Dover Express 21.7.1916 p.8)

BENN, G. (Private) (Buffs) PHOTO of him. Son of Mr and Mrs W. BENN of 59 Wyndham Road, Tower Hamlets, Dover + some details (Dover Express 22.9.1916 p.8)

BIBBY, T. (Mr) RAMC Football Club, Embarkation Staff, Dover 1815-16 in group PHOTO of the club (Dover Express 26.5.1916 p.8)

BLAGROVE J (Private) of Royal Berks Regt, while on leave married Miss Violet Ellen MOORE of Dover (PHOTO taken at wedding) (Dover Express 14.4.1916 p.8)

BLAGROVE J (Private) (PHOTO of him) – has been killed in action. Son in law of Mr and Mrs R.J.MOORE of Oswald Cottage, Woods Place, Buckland by Dover, who have a son also pictured on same page (Dover Express 23.11.1917 p.8)

BORLEY (Sergt) F.H. (PHOTO of him) of R.G.A. killed in action on 27 Dec 1915 after serving 9 months at the Front. He was brother of Mrs GODDEN of 16 Dickson Rd, Dover (Dover Express 28.1.1916 p.3)

BORLEY (Private). V.D.C.M.aged 20 (PHOTO)

BORLEY (Sgt) F.R.G.A. Killed in action (PHOTO)Brothers of Mrs GODDEN 16 Dickson Rd, Dover (Dover Express 20.7.1917 p.3)

BOWDITCH, Wm (Ships Corporal) (PHOTO of him). Elder son of Inspector BOWDITCH of NSPCC, and Mrs BOWDITCH of 103 High Street, Dover. His brother is in the Buffs, wounded and gassed twice (+ details)(Dover Express 9.6.1916 p.5)

BRADISH, S (Private, Buffs) (PHOTO of him) is now in hospital. Brother and sister at 1 Bowling Green Hill, Dover (more details) (Dover Express 4.8.1916 p.8)

BUGG F.W. (Gunner, RFA) (PHOTO of him, also Private A.T.BUGG, 1/1st Kent Cyclists Batt, (PHOTO) sons of Mr and Mrs BUGG of 315 London Road, Dover (Dover Express 9.6.1916 p.3)

BURRETT, J.N. (Driver RHA) (PHOTO of him) formerly a cleaner at Dover Priory Station. He joined the Colours at the outbreak of war. Son of Mrs BURRETT of 9 Blucher Street, Dover (Dover Express 29.9.1916 p.8)

BUTTERY F. (Captn) RAMC Football Club, Embarkation Staff, Dover 1915-16 in group PHOTO of the Club (Dover Express 26.5.1916 p.8)

BUTTIFINT H (Private) in Buffs (PHOTO of him) has been killed in action Sept 25 1916 aged 25. His father resides at 59 Lowther Road, Tower Hamlets Dover. His brother in law (Driver) H. SHINGLETON of Dover is also pictured (Dover Express 27 Oct 1916 p.8)

CATLIN, G. F (Sergt, late of the Buffs) (PHOTO with 3 others). Home is 40 Castle Street, Dover. Called up from the reserve and proceeded with 1st Buffs to France, fighting across the Aisne; wounded by shrapnel at Bois Greenier near Armentieres on Nov 12 1914, in capture of Radinghem Woods, the “Chateau de Flanders” Oct 18 1914 and returned home March 1915 (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p.8)

CHEDGEY Edwin (PHOTO of him), serving in Navy. Wife lives at 6 Beach Street, Dover and he is a son in law of Mrs SUTTON of 10 Chapel Place, Dover (Dover Express 24.3.1916 p.8)

CLIFTON J.E. (Private, the Buffs) (PHOTO of him) is reported killed in France 1 July 1916; fourth son of Mr and Mrs H. CLIFTON of Hardwicke Rd, Maxton, Dover. Father and 3 elder brothers are also serving (Dover Express 18 Aug 1916 p.8)

COHSALL James (Private, 1st Batt Buffs) killed in action 11 Aug 1915. Son of Mrs COHSALL of 3 Hartley Street, Dover (Dover Express 11.8.1916 p.8)

COLEY Ernest R.G.A,. (PHOTO of him) died of wounds received in action Sept 28 1916. Wife lives at 28 Hillside Road, Dover (Dover Express 13 Oct 1916 p.8)

CRUSH (Private) H. a freeman of Dover late Sapper of the Royal Engineers now serving at Dartford (PHOTO of him Dover Express 5/51916 p. 8)

DEARLING, T. (Mr) of 14 Minerva Avenue Dover and others received gallantry medal for saving life on occasion of wreck of SS “Glenroy” of W. Hartlepool Feb.10 1916. (PHOTO of ship only) (Dover Express 26/5/1916 p.8)

DEVEREUX, John Robert, ASC (PHOTO) – whose home is at 42 Council House Street Dover (Dover Express 28-4-1916 p8)

DICKS, Samuel Dresser (Stoker) of HMS Invincible (PHOTO of him), has been killed in action 31/5/1916 widow resides 28 Mayfield Ave, Dover. (Dover Express 13.6.1916 p8)

DUNKLING R. F. (Sapper) now serving with R.E. (PHOTO) of 3 Herbert Street, Buckland, Dover (Dover Express 27 Oct 1916 p8)

EASTERFIELD, W. J. (Private) 2nd Loyal N. Lancs Regt. Invalided back to India from Br. East Africa where he was fighting, served in India for last 8 years. (PHOTO of him) (“Dover men” Dover Express 25/2/1916 p4)

EASTERFIELD, A. (Cpl) of Dover in group PHOTO. (Dover Express 26/10/1917 p7)EASTERFIELD:Private W. J. EASTERFIELD –PHOTO Stoker A. J. PHOTO (R.N) Private G. PHOTO Lance-Cpl. PHOTO Also PHOTO of brother in law E. W. MUTTON (whose wife’s mother is mother of the 4 above) (“ Dover men” Dover Express 25/2/1916 p4)

EDGAR, A. (A-B. navy) of Dover, in group PHOTO of “Royal Oak” ship (Dover Express 21/7/1916 p8)

FASSNIDGE, E. (Pte. R. M. L. I.) (PHOTO of him) age 19 – Killed in Action (long report) leaves widowed mother & 4 sisters. (Dover Express 23/6/1916 p.8)

FAUD, F. (Leading Stoker) of Dover (navy group of ‘Royal Oak’) In group PHOTO. (Dover Express 21/7/1916 p.8)

FERRETT, Ernest (Driver RFA) (PHOTO of him) died of fever 12 July s/o Mr & Mrs FERRETT of 75 Wyndham Road Dover (Dover Express 6 Oct 1916 p.8)

FOGLOR, W. (Gunner) PHOTO, son of Mr & Mrs W. FOGLOR late of 14 North Street Dover (Dover Express 7/1/1916 p.8)

FRIPP, George (Corporal) (PHOTO). Killed in action Dec 30 1915 of 2nd Batt. Royal Fusiliers. Billeted with Mrs BALSDON of 33 London Road Dover & was youngest s/o Mr & Mrs George FRIPP of St. Helens Lancs. (Dover Express 18.2.1916 p. 8)

FROW, (Sgt?) In group PHOTO (Sgts etc.) of 1/2nd Kent Battery RFA at Lucknow. “Dover Men” (Dover Express 11.2.1916 p. 8)

FURLONG, A. (Stoker, navy) PHOTO. His wife lives at 20 Lowther Road Dover; he is brother in law of Gunner RIDGEWELL & brother in law of Private RIDGEWELL (Dover Express 21/1/1916 p. 3)

FURNIVAL M. (Private): – His sister Mrs WELLER’S husband Alfred Henry WELLER (Cpl) killed in action – PHOTO of him (WELLER) long report (Dover Express 28.7.1916 p. 8)

GALLAGHAN (Private) in group PHOTO, HMS Hospital ship “Cambria” football team 1915- 16 (Dover Express 3/3/1916 p.3)

GAMWELL, (Private) in group PHOTO: HMS Hospital ship “Cambria” Football Team 1915-16 (Dover Express 3/3/1916 p. 3)

GARTNER: Pte. C. W. GARTNER enlisted at Maple Creek, Sask Dec 26 1914. Since Feb 1916 has served with C M R’s. The eldest son. PHOTO of him; Pte. W. A. C. GARTNER unit MT. ASC in London since Mar 27 1916. 2nd son of Mrs GARTNER 22 Valley Road River (Dover Express 22/9/1916 p. 8)

GOLDS, William Alfred (Sapper) (the late) died in France (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express Jan 1 1916 p. 8 col. 3)

GORRINGE, Herbert (Corporal) of Stonehall, in hospital at Reading. Parents at Brighton. PHOTO of him.(Dover Express 16/7/1916 p. 8)

GREENING. Driver. R. G. A. (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express 14/1/1916 p. 8)

GRUA. Sgt. and others in GROUP PHOTO -“shot–riddled drums of Buffs from Mesopotamia” (Dover men & the War) (Dover Express 24 Nov 1916 p. 8)

HANAGAN, A. E. (Private) PHOTO. 1st Batt the Buffs, East Kent Regiment. Son of Mrs KINGSLAND of 12 Beach Street Dover. Just completed his period of service, 13 years in all. (More details) (Dover Express 11/2/1916 p. 8)

HARROD, F. W. “Dovorians in Buffs” group PHOTO (Dover Express 5/11/1915 p. 8 top)

HARROD, F. W. of 5th Buffs (Private) (PHOTO) – details – s/o Mr & Mrs F. W. HARROD of 196 Clarendon Place Dover (Dover Express 10/3/1916 p. 8)

HENBREY, W. J. (Driver, R.F.A) (PHOTO of him ) is “Somewhere in France” – has recently been home on leave. Son of Mrs J. HENBREY 32 Odo Road Dover (Dover Express 28/1/1916 p. 8)

HONNEYSETT, Henry (Private) (PHOTO of him), of South African Contingent now training at Borden. He is nephew of Mr CLAPSON of 52 Buckland Ave, Dover. (PHOTO also of 2 CLAPSON cousins on the same page. (Dover Express 4/2/1916 p. 6)

HOPWOOD, W. H. (Staff- Sgt.) Now completing 22 years’ service (PHOTO) and details. Left Dover Aug 1914 (Dover Express 28.7.1916 p. 8)

HOUSE, James (Buffs, T.) late of Dover Volunteer Fencibles; also one of St. James’ old boys. Eldest s/o Mrs HOUSE 10 Tower Hill, Dover (PHOTO of him) Charles HOUSE (Buffs T.) late of Dover Volunteer Fencibles. One of St. James’ old boys. 2nd son of Mrs HOUSE of 10 Tower Hill, Dover (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express 8/9/1916 p. 3)

HOWITT, G. – (AB), of Folkestone in group PICTURE (Dover Express 2 Apr 1916 back page)

ISWORTH, Trooper (PHOTO of him -not clear) of 21st Lancers; wounded in Northern India 4/8/1915 in left arm by an explosive bullet & still in hospital at Rawal Pindi. He is the only son of Mr & Mrs E. J. ISWORTH late of Dover (Dover Express 4/2/1916 p. 6)

JEPSON (Company Sgt-Major) (PHOTO of him), 8th service Batt., killed in France Mar 3 1916 (details) 21 years service; leaves widow and 3 children, brother in law to CSM and Mrs MOORES and Sgt and Mrs HILL of 124 Clarendon Place, Dover (Dover Express 24.3.1916 p.8)

JEVENS (Private) (in group PHOTO) HMS Hospital ship “Cambria” Football Team 1915- 16 (Dover Express 3.3.1916 p.3)

KADWELL, Albert (Driver ASC) PHOTO. Who has been awarded Military Medal for bravery, s/o Mr A. KADWELL of 21 Artillery Road Ramsgate (Late of 2 Goshen Road Dover) Well-known in Dover, having been on Dover Harbour tugs for a number of years. (Dover Express 10 Nov 1916 p. 8)

KELT, Tom (Rifleman) (PHOTO) Now abroad.Details (Dover Express 17 Nov 1916 p. 8)

KENNEALLY, R. J. (Corp.) (in hospital)- PHOTO – son of Mrs KENNEALLY of 125 Clarendon Place Dover (Dover Express 10/3/1916 p. 8)

KREMER, Gunner RGA of Dover abroad in group PHOTO (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p. 6 top)

LAFFERTY, D. (PHOTO) (Bandsman) – info on his service – distinguished himself on 9/8/1915 near Hooge – (details) Eldest s/o late Sgt. LAFFERTY R.G.A. of Ayr & Mrs LAFFERTY of 138 Clarendon Street Dover (Dover Express 28-4-1916 p. 8)

LALLY, Arthur (Bombardier RFA) (PHOTO) Wounded – now in Sheffield. His wife & 5 children reside Hammersmith; a son in law of Mrs HORN of 4 Curzon Road (Dover Express 9.6.1916 p. 3)

LAURIE, A. W. (2nd Lt.) s/o Mrs LAURIE of 3 Queen Street Dover (PHOTO) (Dover Express 19/11/1915 p. 8)

LAURIE, Alfred William (2nd Lieut, RGA) PHOTO. An old Duke of York’s school boy, who has died of wounds received, after serving abroad since war began; rec’d commission May 1916, s/o Mrs LAURIE of 8 Albany Place Dover (Dover Express Dec 1916 p. 8)

LEWCOCK, R. (Gunner) on GROUP PHOTO, four local men – Dover – serving in 3/3rd Kent RFA, late employees of Messrs R. Dickeson & Co. (Dover Express 18/2/1916 p. 8)

MACK, R. (Private), from De Burgh Street Dover. In group PHOTO East Kent Field Ambulance men at ‘front’ (Dover Express 5/5/1916 p. 3)

MACK, W. J. (Private in RAMC) (PHOTO of him), died at Alexandria, Egypt on Apr 25. Widow and 6 children at 3 Granville Cottages, Tower Hamlets Street. His father lives at 19 De Burgh Street Dover. (Dover Express 17 May 1918 p. 4)

MALLAM (Private) (in group PHOTO), HMS Hospital ship “Cambria” football team 1915-16 (Dover Express 3/3/1916 p. 3)

MANT, E. (Corporal) – (PHOTO of him) – In hospital at Portsmouth with frostbite. Of 176 London Road, Buckland (Dover Express 14/1/1916 p. 8)

MARJORAM, A. V. (Sgt.) of Kent RGA —- etc, son of Mr. D. MARJORAM of 68 Balfour Road Dover – married last week to Miss Grace HARVEY of 14 Military Road Dover. PHOTO of couple (Dover Express 4/2/1916 p. 8)

MASSIE, E.G. (L/Cpl, Dorsetshire Regt) (PHOTO of him) – an old boy of St Mary’s National School, killed in action March 26 1916; mother resides at 23 Trevanion St, Dover (Dover Express 28.4.1916 p.8)

MICKLE, F. W. (Rifleman) (PHOTO of him), of London Irish Rifles, now on service abroad. Late of staff of Messrs A. LENEY & Co. Ltd of Dover. Son of Mr and Mrs MICKLE of 2 Clyde Villas, Churchill Road, Dover (Dover Express 10 Nov 1916 p. 8)

MURPHY, Albert E. (Private) No. 2426 went to India Oct 1914. Wounded at Persian Gulf 21/1/1916 (Dover Express 17/3/1916 p. 8)

O’ FLAHERTY, H, (Sapper, R. E. (T) Kent) serving in Dover. PHOTO of him and (Private) O’FLAHERTY, RAMC, serving at Sevenoaks. PHOTO of him (Sons of Mr & Mrs F. O’FLAHERTY, 30 Eaton Road Dover)(Dover Express 14/1/1916 p. 8)

O’KEEFE, J. (Sgt. Major) son in law of Mrs Flood 10 Priory Street, Dover. PHOTO of him (Dover Express 23/7/1916 p. 8)

ORANGE, H. (Sapper, 2nd Buffs) small PHOTO of him, has been at Front since Jan 17 1915, serving abroad. Wife resides at 58 Manor Road, Maxton Dover (Dover Express 31/3/1916 p. 8)

PAINTER, H. (Stoker) RN, (PHOTO of him) is “somewhere in the North sea” – son in law of Mr & Mrs F. PILE.His wife lives at 100 Ratcliffe Road Southampton. Mr & Mrs PILE also have 6 nephews on active service (Dover Express 4/2/1916 p. 6)

PAPWORTH, Sgt. late of the Buffs, is serving abroad. (PHOTO with 3 others) (Dover Express 31/3/1916 p. 8)

PATON, R. R. K. (Captain), D.A.D.M. S., RAMC Football Club, Embarkation Staff Dover 1915-16. In group PHOTO of club (Dover Express 26/5/1916 p. 8)

PHIPPEN, Anthony, (PHOTO of him)(was in Boer war and in W. Africa) – now abroad – details; youngest son of Mr A. PHIPPEN of 2 Durham Hill, Dover (Dover Express 2/6/1916 p. 8)

PAINTER, H. (Stoker) RN, (PHOTO of him) is “somewhere in the North sea” – son in law of Mr & Mrs F. PILE. His wife lives at 100 Ratcliffe Road Southampton. Mr & Mrs PILE also have 6 nephews on active service (Dover Express 4/2/1916 p. 6)RAMPE, R. F. ‘An old Buckland schoolboy’ (At Ypres – Red Cross Field Ambulance) (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express 16/7/1915 p. 8)

RAMPE, R. F. 3026 (M. T. ASC) Active service abroad since Oct 12 1914. Now in General Hospital Stroud Glos. with gas poisoning and dysentery (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express 22/9/1916 p. 8)

REGAN, W. J. (Private) (PHOTO of him) of 7th Buffs who enlisted Sept 4 1914. Wounded “somewhere in France” on 16 Nov and again on 31 Jan. He is a son of Mr & Mrs W. J. REGAN of 200 Clarendon Place, Dover (Dover Express 18/2/1916 p. 3)

RIDGEWELL, B. (Gunner) V. (Private) SMITH. H. (Private) (war dead) – nephew of W. SCAMP of St. Radigunds House J.(Private) brother of all above S. (Private –Buffs) All sons of Mr & Mrs RIDGEWELL of 20 Lowther Road, Dover (PHOTOS of all sons)(Dover Express 21/1/1916 p. 8)RIDGEWELL (Gunner) (Private) brothers in –law of stoker A. FURLONG (navy) whose PHOTO is in paper.

Stoker FURLONG’s wife lives at 20 Lowther Road, Dover (Dover Express 21/1/1916 p. 3)

RYAN, A. (A-B navy) of Dover, in group PHOTO of “Royal Oak” (Dover Express 21/7/1916 p. 8)

SAMWAYS, A. (Stoker on HMS —— ) (PHOTO of him) his wife is at 13 Albany Place, Dover (Dover Express 26-5-1916 p.6)SAMWAYS, Albert (1st Class Stoker) “Invincible” (PHOTO of him) was son in law of Mr. & Mrs. GATEHOUSE) of 13 Albany Place, where his widow also resides + detail (Dover Express 9-6-1916 p. 5)

SANSUM, Bombardier, awarded D. C. M. for bravery. – Report – NO PHOTO (Dover Express 21-1-1916 p. 5)

SANSUM, Bombardier, RA, (PHOTO) awarded DCM, (details), a Dover man (Dover Express 28-1-1916 p. 8)

SAUL, Sgt., late Essex Rgt., serving abroad (PHOTO with 3 others) (Dover Express 31-3-1916 p. 8)

SHERICK, W. (Pte. the Buffs) (PHOTO of him), joined in Nov 1914. Now abroad, only son of Mr. & Mrs. SHERICK of 11 Chapel Place, Dover (Dover Express 6 Oct 1916 p. 8)

SKIPWORTH, W. (Bombardier RFA) (Details of service) (PHOTO of him); the son of Mr. S. SKIPWORTH of 10 Westbury Road, Dover (details) (Dover Express 18/2/1916 p. 8)

SNELGROVE, R. (Mr) of the English Expeditionary Force. In PHOTO of 4 men in the Australian Forces, next to Mr. POTTER, both of Dover (Dover Express 28/7/1916 p. 8)

STAPLEY, W. (Private) The Buffs, been in France since Feb 23 1915. (PHOTO of him) – before joining was foreman to Dover Rural District Council. Wife & 3 children reside at Whitfield (Dover Express 25/8/1916 p. 8)

STEARN, F. C. (Mr.) (PHOTO of him). Officers’ Steward, Merchant Navy, of 46 Dour Street, with approval of the King has been awarded ‘Medaille Militaire’ by the President of France re his services in Battle of Jutland (Dover Express 29/9/1916 p. 8)

STEARN, F. C. (Navy) of 46 Dour Street, Dover. (PHOTO of him) – recently awarded Medaille Militaire (re Battle of Jutland) Son in law of Mr. & Mrs MARSH of 3 Church Place, Dover (Dover Express 20/4/1917 back page)

STERICK, W. (Private, No. 3061 Buffs) (PHOTO of him), now serving abroad. The only son of Mr. & Mrs STERICK of 11 Chapel Place, Dover (Dover Express 13 Oct 1916 p. 8)

SYMES, P. (Private) (PHOTO of him) of the Queens (Royal East Surrey Regt.) now serving at Shoreham by Sea. His step father Pioneer J. LITCHFIELD is serving in France: his brother in law serving in Royal Navy, he has also 11 cousins serving. His mother and sister reside at 9 Erith Street, Buckland, Dover. (Dover Express 28/1/1916 p. 3) (Shoreham by Sea is Sussex)

SYMES, Percival (Pte), (PHOTO of him) , step son of Pioneer J. LICHFIELD of 38 George Street, Dover (Dover Express 6/7/1917 back page)

TIERNEY, (Sergt) E. (NZ Regt) (PHOTO of him) son in law of Mr and Mrs LANGLEY of Snargate St, Dover. Also pictured is another son in law, and five of their sons (Dover Express 13.7.1917 p.3)

TIERNEY, Bombadier Alex P. “now 17” in Yorkshire (Sgt) Maurice P. TIERNEY, 21, killed 7 Oct 1916 Cpl. Edward I. TIERNEY, now joined NZ forces Parents reside at 2 Granville St, Dover (Dover Express 24 Nov 1916 p.8)

TRUMPER,(Private) O.,late of the cross-channel boats and Dover tugs; now on active service abroad (PHOTO of him) (Dover Express 2.3.1917 back page)

TRUMPER, (Sub-Lieut) (PHOTO of him) is in the Royal Naval Reserve, serving on HMS “Empress”; late of Cross-Channel service; now serving in Egypt. He is husband of Mrs TRUMPER who is living at 23 Alfred Road, Buckland, Dover (Dover Express 25.2.1916 p.4)

TUGWELL, (Private) C.(Buffs, 4668) (PHOTO of him) taken prisoner at Battle of Ypres, now in camp at Senne, 3 Sennelagar, 22nd Coy, West Phalia, Germany (PHOTO sent from Germany). Wife resides 27 Lowther Road, Dover. Parents at 27 Oxenden Street, Dover (Dover Express 19.5.1916 p.6)

TWELVES, (Sapper) A.E. (R.E.) (PHOTO of him) Stationed at Dover. Son in law of Mr and Mrs MARSH of 34 Salisbury Road, Dover (late of Crabble Farm) (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p.6)

TWYNN:W.M. TWYNN, (Shoeing Smith, ASC) of 17 Odo Road, Doverand H.W. TWYNN (Corporal ASC) W.G. TWYNN (L/Cpl, ASC.A.R. TWYNN (Gunner RFA in India The last three sons of the first named. (PHOTOS of all four men) (Dover Express 21.1.1916 p.3)

VENESS, Arthur (Driver, A.S.C.) (PHOTO of him). He was called up on Reserves in Aug 1914, went to the Front, came home wounded and returned to the Front for 2nd time; has been home on 6 days leave and returned for third time. Son in law of the late Mr John ROBINSON and Mrs ROBINSON of 151 Clarendon Street Dover and his wife and child reside at Gravesend (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p.6 at bottom)

WAKEMAN, (Corporal), L.C., RGA (small photo) was at Antwerp, Mons, Ypres, now in France. Son of Mr and Mrs WAKEMAN of 24 Trevanion Street, Dover (Dover Express 31.3.1916 p.8)

WESTWOOD, P. (Band Corporal) now at Plymouth; wounded. (PHOTO of him) is engaged to Miss M.G.WARD, eldest dau of Mr and Mrs WARD of 14 Washington Villas, Monins Road, Dover (Dover Express 7 Jan 1916 p.8)

WESTWOOD, (Private), DCM, the Buffs (PHOTO) formerly employed at Snowdown Colliery, awarded DCM on recommendation of the late Major FRASER, since killed. For gallantry, bringing up ammunition on mules on 7 Jan at Sheik Saad under deadly rifle and shell fire when the firing line had practically exhausted ammunition (Dover Express 10 Nov 1916 p.8)

WHIDDON Albert (PHOTO) killed in action in Naval Battle July 3 in HMS “Defence”. Nephew of Mrs AHERN whose four sons are also pictured in same paper, and another nephew (HAWKINS) (Dover Express 15 Dec 1916 p.8)

WHITTINGHAM, Thomas (Driver ASC) now abroad. PHOTO of him. Son in law of Mrs HORN of 4 Curzon Road, Tower Hamlets, Dover. His wife and 2 children reside at Alexander Cottages, Buckland, Dover(Dover Express 9.6.1916 p.3)

WOODALL (Private), in GROUP PHOTO HMS Hospital ship “Cambria Football Team 1815-16 (Dover Express 3.3.1916 p.3)