(Captain) ALLEN, “The Good Intent” – ship (Dover hoy) is likely to be restored, after seizure with contraband goods
(Dover Telegraph 30.11.1833 p.8 col.1)

Robert BROWN of H.M.P. “Charon” accused of smuggling tobacco – Dover Police Report – 4 line report – fined 16/-
(Dover Telegraph 28 Feb 1846 p.8 col.1)

Thos CLARK, Dover. 6 months for smuggling
(Dover Telegraph 19 Jul 1834 p.8 col.2)

Gregory CULLEN and others, on “Nimble” lugger of Dover, (belonging to J. THOMAS) “armed smugglers” 92 ankers of foreign liquor discovered
(5 smugglers severally convicted – CULLEN, FLANN, FROST, PRESCOW (Prescott?), COOK. £100 fine or 6 months
(Dover Telegraph 25.12.1841 p.8 col.4)

Joseph FLETCHER, of Dover. 6 months imprisonment for smuggling
(Dover Telegraph 19 Jul 1834 p.8 col.2)

John GOODALL of Dover and others given 6 months for smuggling
(Dover Telegraph 19.7.1834 p.8 col.2)

Mary GRIFFITHS fined 32/- (0r 10-days imprisonment) for smuggling tobacco. Dover Police Report (Dover Telegraph 7 Apr 1838 p.8 col.2)

John JONES aged l6, fined l7/- at Dover Police Court – for smuggling French boots and shoes
(Dover Telegraph 26.9.l846 p.8 col.4)

Cephas QUESTED – smuggler – a Bible shaped snuff box carved by him as he waited in Newgate Prison for execution (he also carved a “shoe” snuff box), returned with his body, the shoe given to youngest son Edward, bible to 2nd daughter Harriet. Bible loaned by Joyce (the gt-gt-grand-daughter of Cephas) and her son Alan. (was on display at Dover Museum Exhibition October 1992 “Smuggling”)