Swingate Radar Towers

  White Cliffs

Swingate Radar Towers constructed in 1939

Photograph, believed to have been taken in 1941-42 from the cliff top of Cap Gris Nez on account of the accurate scale
of the School clock tower on the Swingate Radar Towers. The towers were completed by May 1939.
A short passage on the Chain Home Low system of which they were part in Winning the Radar War, a book written by Art Cockerill and Jack Nissen.
A copy of the English edition in the Dover Central Library.
Check Art Cockerill Duke of York’s history site for further details.

Former pupil Duke od Yorks Royal Military School recalls
“I remember our marathons as normally taking place after church on Sundays. 1946-51. We exited and turned right at the Guston gate and then right again after running through a small built up area presumably Guston village. We then went through fields and hedgerows and along disused railway tracks, finally arriving back at the school through the Deal gate. I don’t know whether my memory is playing tricks on me in my old age but I seem to remember on route a section of a railway track leading into a short tunnel which housed a huge cannon. It was facing out to sea so I presume retrospectively that it was still there from World War 2.”