The Water Supply

  Public Utilities


An excited body of ratepayers assembled in common hall on the 16th to discuss the alleged waste of water. The consumption of water in the town being very large, the Town Council had been for some time anxiously attempting to devise some remedy, and having been advised by the Town Surveyor that the greater part of the waste occurred in fittings that were directly connected with the mains, it was ordered that except in special cases all water-closets should be provided with cisterns. This aroused general discontent amongst the ratepayers, to whom the expense would have been very considerable. In the common hall, the speakers were greatly animated; the new regulations, were voted most “tyrannical and unjust” and the members of the Council were called upon, either to abstain from putting them into force or to resign. In consequence of this pressure the order was not enforced.

(in February 1876 from The Dover Year Book and Calendar)