Thomas Papillon

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April 17th at Acrise, Thomas PAPILLON Esq. aged 82.
(Dover Telegraph 21 April 1838 p.8 col.4, Deaths)
“The late Thomas PAPILLON Esq. – this truly excellent gentleman whose death it was our painful duty lately to announce has left behind him a name which if a life unblemished (so far as human frailties and imperfections will admit) and marked by a peculiar exhibition of those graces and virtues that form the Christian character, can lay claim to the approval of his fellow creatures, will not soon be forgotten by those, whose privilege it was to enjoy his acquaintance, or to be in any way connected with him. As a friend and neighbour, as the master of a family, as the head of a numerous tenantry, and in every relation in life, Mr PAPILLON well deserved what he so largely possessed the esteem and respect of all classes of society. Brotherly love in other words an undeviating desire to do all the kind acts in his power, and to make all around him happy, seemed to characterise a life which providence had lengthened out; and in his latter days he evinced that devout resignation to his Maker’s will, and that firm reliance on his Saviour’s merits, which must afford an unspeakable source of consolation to those who lament his loss, and enabled them without any presumption to hope that he is gone to a happier and better world. Mr PAPILLON was in his 81st year and is succeeded by his son Thomas PAPILLON Esq., of May Deacon.”
(Dover Telegraph 5 May 1838 back page col.2)

Notes: the PAPILLON family (Huguenot refugees) held Acrise for 200 years, 1656-1856, through six generations, though latterly removed to Crowhurst Park near Battle, Sussex (info from Acrise church leaflet) – Memorials in Acrise church.

PAPILLON charity was founded by Thomas PAPILLON, an MP of Dover whose son was David PAPILLON of Acrise, and grandson Philip PAPILLON was Rector of Eythorne 1784-1809. Tablet in Eythorne Church to the family.
(J.B.Jones c.1907 Eythorne notes)
Regarding PAPILLON’s charity started in 1702 –
New trustees appointed and trust money very considerably increased
(Dover Express 4 Jan 1924 p.13).

Money from the PAPILLON charity, among other things paid fees for apprenticeship in Dover of many poor children – some of the PAPILLON records are at the East Kent Archives, Whitfield.