BOTANY BAY SCHEME: The Scheme for transporting felons to Botany Bay, bids fair to answer better than any yet projected; that country lying so much out of the way of navigators, that they have no chance of returning, clandestinely, to this country; and if they attempt to escape into the woods, they must meet with inevitable destruction, our late circumnavigators representing the natives as a race of cannibals, extremely fond of human flesh, and no less remarkable for their intrepidity than ferocity. They were not at all pleased even with occasional visitors, and will be still less so with settlers.
(Kentish Gazette 15-19 Sept 1786 p.3 col.3, 4” down)

BEER William (known as Blucher), of Dover, at E.Kt Qtr Sessions, sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing fowls (Dover Telegraph 5.7.1834 p.8 col.4) and see also
(Dover Telegraph 7.7.1834 p.8 col.4)

BOWLER, Jonathan and Richard ELLIS: stole cable and rope from HM Naval Stores at Sheerness Naval Yard out of HM Lighter – they were severally convicted of petty larceny, sentenced to be transported to some of HM Colonies or Plantations in America for 7 years
(Kent Qtr Sessions Minutes, Maidstone 4 Oct 1768, info ex Co.Archives)
“List of convicts ordered to be transported from the Town and Port of Dover… and from the last Michaelmas Sessions held… for the County of Kent, viz: Town and Port of Dover: Michaelmas Quarter Sessions: Jonathan BOWLER and Richard ELLIS both for 7 years:

“These are to certify that John STEWART of London, Merchant, hath contracted and given security for the effectual transportation of the above named felons and that the securities are in my custody. Witness my hand this 18th day of January, 1769. Jerome KNAPP Clerk of the Assizes of the said County of Kent. “I do humbly certify that the within list of names of the convicts… have been shipped on board the Thornton of which ship I am master in order to their being effectually transported to some of His Majesty’s colonies or Plantations in America. London 20 January 1769. Christopher REED.”
CLARK Stephen age 24, sweep, sentenced to transportation at Dover Qtr Sessions (14 line report), for theft (Dover Telegraph 18.4.1846 p.8 col.4)

CLARK Stephen “Sentenced and removed from Dover Gaol to the hulks at Chatham Thursday (Local Affairs – 5 line report –
Dover Telegraph 25.4.1846 p.8 col.1)

DAVIS William age 22, sentenced to 10 years transportation, for passing counterfeit coins at Alkham and River
(Dover Telegraph 14.3.1846 p.8 col.3)

FAGG Richard, 22, labourer, at Dover Midsummer Sessions, convicted of stealing a rabbit, a previous conviction for robbery. Sentenced to be transported for 7 years.
(Dover Telegraph 15 Jul 1837 p.5 col.3)

FAGG William age 30, labr, sentenced to transportation for 7 years for stealing watch at Dover
(Dover Telegraph 5.4.1834 p.8 col.3)

FINN William, of Dover 7 years transportation for theft of fowls
(Dover Telegraph 5.7.1834 p.8 col.4)

GIBBS John sentenced at the General Sessions of the Peace at Dover about 4 Nov 1767 (report in Kentish Gazette 5 Nov 1767) convicted of theft of 3 calve-skins out of the shop of John LONGLEY. Tried at Dover. To be transported to America for 7 years from Town and Port of Dover (Kentish Gazette 5 Nov 1768 back page) – and: (in Dover Chamberlain’s accounts, Kent Co.archives) for the year ending 17 Feb 1768 include payment to Warham JEMMITT (later listed as keeper of Dover Gaol and Town Sergeant) and another man – Charles PIDDOCK – were paid the sum of £7. 5s. 8d. for taking John GIBBS to Gravesend for transportation.
– A Certificate saying that he and others were in custody and they were shipped aboard the “Thornton” of which ship Christopher REED was master – to be transported to some of HM Colonies of Plantations in America (signed C.R) 20.1.1769 London

GILL Sophia age 15 sentenced to be transported for 7 years for stealing 4 lbs mutton at Dover (had a previous felony) (Dover Telegraph 15.4.1848)

HOGG John for stealing fowls at Poulton, (with others) – sentenced to 7 yrs transportation at E.Kent Sessions (Dover Telegraph 18.4.1835 p.8 col.3

HUNT Nathaniel, 37, labourer at Dover Midsummer Session, to be transported for life, for stealing from a house in Dover: long report (Dover Telegraph 15.7.1837 p.8 col.2

JONES Henry aged 20, to be transported for 7 years at Dover Gen.Sessions, for stealing during the Dover Fair (Dover Telegraph 3.1.1835 p.8 col.

KYTE Thomas “23 Dec 1800 this day tried and sentenced to 7 yrs transportation” (The Diary of Thomas Pattenden of Dover, E.K.Arch

LAWRENCE John, and Henry LUCAS, each given 7 years transportation for stealing geese, fowls, ducks at Guston. E.Kent Sessions. (Dover Telegraph 18.4.1835 p.8 col.

PAGE William and Geo BURVILL – theft at Waldershare – Wm PAGE to be transported, Geo BURVILL got 6 months imprisonment (Dover Telegraph 4.7.1846 p.1 c

PETT John and Henry PETT, both to be transported for 7 yrs for stealing fowls at Poulton (with others) East Kent Sessions (Dover Telegraph 18.4.1835 p.8 col.

Richard ROGERS and Wm ROGERS of Ewell, at East Kent Sessions were convicted of sheep stealing at Coldred, both sentenced to transportation for life.
(Dover Telegraph 21.11.1835 p.8 col.3)

ROGERS Thomas aged 41 to be transported for life for stealing a lamb at E.Langdon, from Mr.B.TAYLOR (E.Kt Qtr Sessions) (Dover Telegraph 2.7.1836 p.8 col.3)