Worthington Street

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Worthington Lane works in 1895, showing clearance of buildings prior to widening of the road, later to be called Worthington Street.

Smoking and snuff-taking –
A Liverpool paper says, ‘the practise of smoking and snuff-taking is so greatly increased that every clerk, even the youngest boys admitted into counting houses smoke cigars, and that the fashion is extending to females, who would be offended if not called ladies. A lover in that town was lately dismissed by his mistress for refusing to pledge himself not to smoke not more than 16 cigars a day; she did not wish to marry a chimney.
The late Lord Stanhope calculated that an inveterate snuff-taker in 40 years dedicated 2 years to tickling his nose and two more to blowing and wiping it ! The inveterate smoker consumes still more time than the snuff-taker; some men of sedentary habits had become so enslaved by it that many hours in the day are passed with a pipe in their mouths…..
(Kentish Gazette Jan 20 1829 page 3 col.2)